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Take Home Test Material 02.11.2014 rip

To evaluate the physical quality of pelleted feeds, generally a subdivision is being made into tests that evaluate 'hardness' and tests evaluating 'durability' of a given pellet. The feed manufacturer or feed technologist should be aware of the reason for evaluating the pellet quality and subsequently choose the appropriate, most suitable method, since no unique test exists that covers all parameters of interest related to physical quality of pelleted animal feeds.

Please describe clearly, equippe with examples that appropriate with your explanation,
  1. Factors that influence the quality (nutritional and physical) of pellets
  2. Methods used to evaluate the quality of the pellet
The answers of both questions (using bahasa Indonesia) should be written with MS Office Word (arial narrow, font 12, sp 1,5) with the order as listed below :
  1. Title (name, NIM)
  2. Discussions 1
  3. Discussions 2
  4. Conclusions
  5. References 
It should be submitted in two week after this day (2nd November 2014) in soft copy to the email address of after two times reviewed. 

noted: students are always welcome to contact me... *you all know how to contact me :)

Good luck ... !

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